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Now is the time to buy your share in Clifton Market!

We need your support to complete our fundraising and close on our loans. Construction is scheduled to begin in January 2016, and then it’s only six (short) months until we open.

Buy a share for yourself, for your family, or for a friend or neighbor. If you know someone who wants to become an owner but can’t for financial reasons, you can purchase a share for him or her. All we need is contact information for the recipient so we can send the completed share application. For more information on purchasing a share for someone else, contact

How You Can Help

Buy a share

Clifton Market is democratically controlled by its owners. Buy your $200 share online, by mail, or in person today.


Make a loan

We’re raising funds to complete our financing, close on our loans, and start construction — and we need your help.


Get involved

Our efforts are supported by dozens of volunteers from the community. Even a little time helps a lot. Sign up below to stay in touch.

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